What Are Operating Systems?

Operating systems are softwares that allows managing of hardware of computer, resources of software, and gives services for  programs operating on computers.

Operating systems help in scheduling programs and tasks for use in an efficient way and could also inculcate accounting programs. It allows time, storage of mass etc. There are different types of operating systems. They are:

Single and multi tasking

A system of single-tasking at a time runs only one program, whereas the operating system of multi-tasking  type permits running of two or more programs simultaneously. This system of working is obtained by sharing of time, where there is a division of time of processor among several processes.

Single user and multi user

The operating system with Single-user systems does not have the ability to differentiate users, but it could permit running of several programs. A system of multi-user operation expands the root basis of multiple tasks performing with a number of facilities which have the ability of identifying processes, like the space in disk, multiple users belonging, and the system allows more than two users to communicate through the program at the very same point of time.


A distributed type of operating system has the ability to manage a cluster of different computers and builds them to be appearing as a one constituted computer. The progress of computers connected through network, that are able to be linked and interact with one another gives boost to computing in a distributed manner. Computations in distributed manner are used to being performed or run on two or more machines a distributed is system is the one in which. Computers perform their work in a constituted group in whole cooperation.


In this Operating System, both the distributed and the computing via cloud system  context works, templating can be defined as the creation of one virtual image by machine which is then considered  as an operating system which is a guest, then the image is being saved as a machine tool for running a multiple machines that are virtual in nature. This method is utilized in both the process of virtualization and management of computing in the cloud, and it is also a common way present in very large warehouses of servers.


The Embedded type operating systems  are utilized in computer with embedded systems. They are made to be operated on some very small scale machines such as PDAs which have a very less system of autonomy. They have the ability to run their programs within a limited resource number. They are quite compact in nature and are highly efficient in performing tasks because of their design. 

Real time operating system

An operating system named as real-time operating system is the system that ensures to process and run events, information or data in a particular moment in real time. A real-time operating system could be of multitasking or single tasking management but when it is used as multitasking system, it makes use of specialized algorithms for scheduling.