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What To Know About Ubuntu

Several operating systems have come into the market over the past years, with each proposing unique tweaks that are different from the rest. One such operating system that has win hands over the market and is successively growing is Ubuntu. Thus, raises the question, what is Ubuntu operating system and why is it so popular in the recent days?

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu (pronounced as “oo-boon-too”), an open-source operating system, is a distro or distribution of Linux, which conveys that it is an operating system that uses the Linux kernels as a foundation for its creation. There are numerous Linux distros out in the market, however, Ubuntu stands out a mile due to its marketability and ubiquity. It has a highly earned history of reliability and safety.

Ubuntu was released by a worldwide community of programmers along with the employees of Ubuntu’s commercial sponsor, Canonical and is designed to provide a free platform to developers and users. To get started, visit the Ubuntu website, download the OS, use, and share the operating system as a perk.

Ubuntu enables you to use other OS as well, for example, if you have a Windows operating system on your computer, you can still use Ubuntu alongside without any hassles. Apart from the fact that it is the most popular server Linux distribution, Ubuntu is also a completely open-source project that can run on the cloud, servers, desktops, tablets, smartphones, IoT (Internet of Things) and much more.

Ubuntu is available in three editions – Desktop, Core, and Server editions, the Core edition being for the IoT devices and robots. Ubuntu gets a new release every six months, and Long-Term Support (LTS)releases in every two years. Canonical provides security patches, updates, and support with every Ubuntu release.

Ubuntu is accredited to have a third party software system in its application, which includes packages such as Ubuntu restricted extras that are legally secured by the government. However, the plus point of this third party application is that the DVD software will be available for purchase through the Canonical store.

Features of Ubuntu

After understanding the basic idea of Ubuntu, let us look at the features for which it is the best OS for the developers.

  • Assistance for Emerging Technologies
  • Allowance to Certified Hardware
  • Reliable OS Experience

Benefits of Streamlined Distribution

  • Massive Support
  • Enhance Hardware without any limitations
  • Attractive User Interface

Benefits of Ubuntu

Below listed are some of the promising characteristics of Ubuntu that has helped it to gain a head place among the users –

  • Free of Cost
  • Can be easily customized
  • More secure compared to other operating systems
  • Can run from a flash drive
  • The best option for development
  • Supports frequent updates
  • Offers multiple desktops

Conclusively, Ubuntu was developed to enable the use of an efficient working system. Until now if you have not used the Ubuntu OS, then now is the time to check on it. With such a mind-blowing number of features and customization options, you will be able to use your system more efficiently and securely. Now that you are aware of the basic impressions of Ubuntu, it is time to explore the OS in thoroughly.